Providing platforms

Through conferences, seminars and round table discussions, BDF builds regional capacity on current matters and brings relevant stakeholders together to formulate joint approaches. Our annual Baltic Development Forum Summits have served as the primary meeting place for regional cross-sectoral discussion and collaboration since 1999. Browse our past and upcoming events.

Generating knowledge

BDF provides expertise on current affairs by publishing the latest thinking and facilitating regional wide knowledge dissemination. Over the years, BDF’s publications, articles and papers have covered areas of strategic importance to the Baltic Sea Region. Find publications.

Facilitating dialogue

BDF facilitates collaboration across the region, public/private sectors and levels of decision making, in order to enhance regional coordination and coherence. See some of the partners we work with.

Managing projects

Together with partners from across the Baltic Sea Region, BDF manages projects on a wide range of issues, primarily within our thematic areas. Read about our current projects.


Thematic and cross cutting
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