The Baltic Sea Region is well placed to become a model region for meeting the triple challenge of growth, energy security, and mitigation of greenhouse gasses.

We facilitate dialogue to stimulate regional energy cooperation and the development of an integrated energy market. Through projects, publications and conferences, we address issues such as energy efficiency, security implications and the transition towards renewable energy sources.

Digital Economy

The Baltic Sea Region has established itself as a front-runner in the digital sectors, having succeeded in attracting international attention as well as investments.

We facilitate exchange on how to maintain and develop this leading role, eg. by exploring skills gaps, areas for investment, public-private partnerships, and the potential for a single digital market. We engage in this discourse through a think-tank initiative together with Microsoft: Top of Digital Europe.

Regional Promotion

What are the approaches and strategies that allow us to move forward as a united region, and what areas and sectors hold the greatest potential for cooperation?

We seek to develop a common Baltic Sea Region brand and identity, and explore avenues for joint promotion to attract investments and increase the region’s competitiveness globally. We also work to strengthen the political cooperation in the region to overcome differences and find common ground.

Water & Blue Growth

With the Baltic Sea positioned at the heart of the region, issues related to sustainable water management are at the core of the regional agenda.

We engage in a range of activities that seek to share knowledge and create cross-sectorial dialogue on issues spanning from sustainable water management in business operations and city planning, to matters related to maritime transport and blue growth – promoting holistic water management from source to sea.