Water conference provides a breeding ground for new alliances to save the Baltic Sea

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BDF will use the preliminary results from the conference ”A cleaner Baltic Sea – investments, business opportunities and new partnerships” in the work ahead to elaborate a regional agenda and a way to re-think water. A report based on the many valuable contributions that were made by the speakers, moderators and participants during the conference will provide a breeding ground for initiating a process towards a more  action oriented regional water agenda.

The basis for such an agenda is the need expressed by many organisations and stakeholders to establish a broader alliance – cross-countries and regions, cross-sectors and cross-level – in addressing the problems of the polluted Baltic Sea. There is a need to focus on opportunities and solutions to the environmental challenges in the Baltic Sea and the water clean-tech sector in order to successfully engage new and more stakeholders, not least the business sector, in such an alliance.

Most of the problems related to the pollution of the Baltic Sea have been identified and presented not least by the Helsinki Commission. The report will include some of the main points from the conference:

would become more and more apparent in the future.

These are just some of the mentioned elements at the conference.

If you have further comments and reflections you are more than welcome to forward them to BDF.

Apart from the above mentioned points several interesting proposals were made of a constructive way to continue the dialogue established at the conference.

Most importantly BDF is working towards organising a stakeholder conference back-to-back with the Helcom Ministerial meeting in 2013. Apart from that other interesting proposals like organising a water campus comprising of all the relevant regional stakeholders or establishing an informal water advisory board to BDF in the run-up to the Helcom Ministerial meeting in October 2013 were proposed as a way for BDF to carry on the water agenda in the nearest future.

Baltic Development Forum Chairman’s Hans Skov Christensen speech can be viewed here.

Pictures from the conference are uploaded on BDF’s Flickr account here. If you want to view the presentations please go to the conference homepage: