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BDF at the Baltic Sea Action Summit in Helsinki

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In Helsinki the Baltic Sea was given a helping hand when the political leadership – Heads of State and Governments around the Baltic Sea – made the strongest political commitment so far to save the polluted Sea. Focus was on action. Time is for implementation, Matti Vanhanen, the Finnish Prime Minister said: – “tomorrow is the most important day –…

BDF makes a commitment before the Baltic Sea Action Summit

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Time is for action! And action should be the code word among all countries, governments, littoral regions, cities, municipalities, business communities and NGOs around the Baltic Sea. After a long period of time of identifying the problems, the root causes and the needed strategies time is now for implementing recommendations and policy actions for saving the Baltic Sea – one…

Pollution of the Baltic Sea – the Baltic Sea Action Summit to address the problem

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The Baltic Sea Action Summit to take place in Helsinki on 10 February 2010 invites Heads of Governments, private companies, business leaders and NGOs to contribute to the carrying out the actions needed to restore the status of the Baltic Sea. The Finnish President Tarja Halonen, Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen and the NGO Baltic Sea Action Groups are behind this…