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Russia and the strategy for the Baltic Sea region

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The Russian Federation takes over of the chairmanship of CBSS (Council of the Baltic Sea States) 1 July 2012 which gives both the Baltic Sea Region and the EU a real opportunity to synchronize efforts for tighter co-operation regarding future projects and for creating visible reinforcement of the organization. An interim report from Center of cross-border Interregional Cooperation, Saint-Petersburg branch of…

Regions contribute to renewed economic growth in Europe

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From BSSSC Newsletter March 2012 What is happening at the European scene is important for all regions of the Baltic Sea. Decisions taken by ministers in the various council formations oft en have far reaching consequences for regions and their citizens. The priorities of the Danish EU presidency show a clear link between EU policies and renewed economic growth. When…

Baltic Sea Strategy steps up cooperation

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The European Commission has today (23 March) released a Communication on the first of its Macro-Regional Strategies, the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR), setting out how it proposes to take co operation between the participating states up a gear. The aim of the Strategy is to increase the impact of EU funds to reach common goals,…

Uffe Ellemann-Jensen speaking in the European Parliament

Wanted: Higher ambitions, courage, and clear goals for the Baltic Sea Region

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Honorary chairman of Baltic Development Forum, Uffe Ellemann-Jensen at an Intergroup meeting in the European Parliament March 6th called for assistance to give new impulses to the process of making the Baltic region concept survive. Said Mr. Ellemann-Jensen: “The governments have been reluctant in setting new and clear goals  that would enable benchmarking and evaluation. It is a little sad….

Map of Baltic Sea Region

Council conclusions on the review of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

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The agenda of the General Affairs Council (GAC) meeting yesterday (15 November) included the adoption of Council conclusions on the review of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. Reference was made to the extensive debates on EUSBSR implementation as well as the review related consultations conducted within the framework of Polish Presidency of the Council. The Commission was…

Hans Skov Christensen

Baltic Regions: We cannot wait

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“The support and reinforcement of the EU’s growth agenda has to come from the regions in Northern Europe – like the Baltic Sea Region”, Hans Skov Christensen, vice chairman of the Baltic Development Forum (BDF), said at conference today in Szczecin, Poland. “It is obvious that a growth oriented agenda is needed”, he said. “We cannot wait until problems of…

Popular Danish EUSBSR seminar held in Copenhagen

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For the 3rd consecutive year BDF organised a seminar on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region targeted Danish stakeholders in close cooperation with Danish Regions, the European Commission representation in Denmark, the Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority of Denmark and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. The seminar took place in Copenhagen 9 September 2011. Lars W. Andersen, BDF…

Baltic Sea Macro-region progress and EU strategy

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The Baltic Sea Macro-region is progressing well although the EU strategy has some infancy illnesses. This is one of the conclusions of the BDF seminar in Stockholm last week. One problem is that the private sector needs to be more involved. Vice-chairman of BDF, Stephan Müchler who is also chairman of Baltic Chamber of Commerce Association (BCCA) demanded a business…

BDF Welcomes the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

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Today the European Commission presents its proposal for an EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. BDF warmly welcomes the Strategy that rise high expectation for a deeper integration of the Region. Chairman of Baltic Development Forum, Uffe Ellemann-Jensen states that “this EU Strategy embodies the vision for a more prosperous, competitive and cleaner Baltic Sea Region that has continuously…