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Baltic Sea Labour Forum discussed youth employment

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Baltic Sea Labour Forum is a platform for exchange of experience between social partners and other key players of the labour market in the Baltic Sea Region: Employers and business confederations, trade unions, politicians and experts. BSLF organized a Round Table 15 November in Hamburg to discuss experience and joint initiatives to promote Youth Employment and Mobility of Labour. Both…

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov looking forward to positive co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region

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The Russian Presidency of CBSS (Council for the Baltic Sea States) will be used as a one of many means to join forces with international partner organisations to create new projects in the Baltic Sea Region. In an interview in the Amber Bridge Magazine Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov elaborates on a future more active Russian role in the area. One of the main CBSS…

20 years of CBSS – Council of Baltic Sea States

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A positive interest for the future of the Baltic Sea region looks to grow more and more amongst businessmen, politicians and academia. This is at least the impression one brings home from participating in the Baltic Sea Days in Berlin (23 – 25. April) where more than 1000 people took part in a series of exciting events (see www…). As…

Uffe Ellemann-Jensen and Hans-Dietrich Genscher

20th Anniversary of CBSS and Baltic Media Forum 2012

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A special celebration commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Council of the Baltic Sea States took place at Plön Castle in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, on 5 February. BDF participated in this event as well as in the following Baltic Media Forum 2012 held in Kiel, Germany, 5-7 February. 20th Anniversary of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Founder of…

CBSS 20 Years Anniversary

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BDF founder and Honorary Chairman Uffe Ellemann-Jensen will participate in the special ceremony that will be held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Council of the Baltic Sea States. The ceremony will be part of the Baltic Media Forum organized by Norddeutscher Rundfunk and Academia Baltica and will take place at Plön Castle in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, on 5 February…

BDF Energy and Climate Seminar with CBSS Foreign Ministers

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In connection with the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) Ministerial meeting in Elsinore, Denmark, BDF organised a high-level seminar on energy and climate on June 4th as part of the meeting. The seminar on different energy scenarios for the Baltic Sea Region attracted different stakeholders from the private and public sector: International organisations, including Baltic Sea Region Energy…

CBSS Secretariat Anniversary

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BDF Chair’s Opening Address at CBSS Anniversary The Chairman of Baltic Development Forum, Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, gave the opening address at the CBSS Secretariat Anniversary celebrations in Stockholm 20 October. “We need to talk together in order to build positions that establish trust rather than fear. And the CBSS is one of the fora that can be used to keep the…

Baltic Sea Region in Europe – CBSS Seminar in Stockholm

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The Latvian Presidency in the CBSS, Council of Baltic Sea States, arranged a seminar on the topic The Baltic Sea Region in Europe. The BDF Director Hans Brask participated in the panel and presented the BDF views on how to move the Baltic Sea Region integration forward. The seminar, held in Stockholm 17 January, was co-arranged with Site, the Stockholm…

Renewed Baltic Sea Cooperation

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The Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) met in Malmö under the Swedish Chairmanship on 12-13 June at the level of foreign ministers. The Parties agreed that a reformation of the institution was needed, and that a strategy for the Baltic Sea Region should be developed to find new and effective ways for regional cooperation in a globalised world….