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Report Going for Green Growth’10

Today the European Council is discussing the future growth strategy for Europe, EU2020. BDF presents a regional input with the report Going for Green Growth in the Baltic Sea Region.

Green Growth in the Baltic Sea Region: EU2020 Challenges – Regional Solutions

Is it possible to define a common growth strategy “EU2020” for Europe’s 27 member countries? Can one common strategy enable the EU to mobilise all its instruments and unblock the potential for growth? Today the European Council is discussing the EU2020 strategy and how to tackle the financial crisis following the economic and financial crisis in Greece.

To Baltic Development Forum it seems obvious that the general principles for achieving growth in Europe need to be complemented with regional initiatives in Europe. The economic realities and conditions are very different in Europe and regional initiatives can facilitate common solution and avoid that the EU’s regions are moving apart.

The report Going for Green Growth in the Baltic Sea Region published by Baltic Development Forum gives recommendations as to how growth can be achieved in one region of the EU – the Baltic Sea Region – by combining the EU2020 framework with regional policies. Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region is presently making new headway due to the adoption of the first mega-regional strategy within the EU. The Baltic Sea Region can be a pilot region in many areas and the report recommends i.e. that the following concrete initiatives can create stronger growth in the region:

Innovation Policy Priorities

Energy Policy Priorities

Sustainable Transport Priorities

About the Report

The report is prepared by Copenhagen Economics (Managing Economist Helge Sigurd Næss-Schmidt and Partner Martin Hvidt Thelle) and sponsored by The Danish Industry Foundation. The report was Launched at the Baltic Development Forum Summit 2010 held in Vilnius 1-2 June. It is based on regional studies including reports issues by Baltic Development Forum.

Download the Full Report.

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