Fehmarnbelt Days 2018: BDF Behind Two Seminars on Digitalisation

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The Fehmarnbelt Region covers Southern Sweden, Zealand in Denmark and Northern Germany, areas that will be closer connected with the upcoming Fehmarnbelt tunnel. Since 2012 the bi-annual Fehmarnbelt Days has provided a broad platform for stakeholders from this emerging region to exchange ideas, discuss key issues and further cross-border collaboration. BDF has been involved in the event since the beginning and hosted the Fehmarnbelt Days Secretariat in 2014.

This year, Fehmarnbelt Days is organized in Malmö, Sweden, 28-29 May 2018. On the 2nd day BDF will co-organise two seminars on different aspects of digitalization and the digital economy:

“Digital Transformation in Rural Areas”, co-organised with Region Zealand and EU Interreg project “BSR Stars S3”, will explore how to promote a successful digital transformation in rural areas by building on local strongholds and connecting urban and rural areas. Inspired by examples of what has been done, politicians, business and experts will discuss how to take next steps.

“Digitalization from an urban perspective: Potentials through city collaboration and regionalization“, co-organised with Union of Baltic Cities, will present and discuss examples of how cities can work with digitalization and successfully collaborate with other cities on these topics. A panel of cities and experts will explore opportunities and topics for future collaborations across the region and beyond.

Check Fehmarnbelt Days programme and register here. The event is free to attend.

Further information: Torben Aaberg, Head of Public & Digital Affairs, BDF, ta@bdforum.org