Dinner Debate in Danish Parliament

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Baltic Sea Region Scenarios for the Transformation to Renewable Energy Sources

Together with Nordic Council and Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference, Baltic Development Forum is co-hosting Dinner Debate on the Baltic Sea Region Scenarios for the Transformation to Renewable Energy Sources, in the Danish Parliament.

The Danish Parliament (Folketinget)

The development of the energy systems in the Baltic Sea Region tends to be more and more complex to overview as the energy systems and energy markets evolve. At the same time, it becomes increasingly important to look at the national energy strategies in a regional context. Unfortunately, there is a lack of such approaches and factual reports on regional energy cooperation. The goal of the Dinner Debate is to assess the regional aspects on innovative energy solutions on fighting climate change.

Jose Hasse Ferreira and Anders Wijkman, Members of the European Parliament, will give an insight into the energy scenario analyses from a European Perspective. Anne Grete Holmsgaard, Member of Parliament and Vice Chairman of Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference Working Group will give a similar presentation from a Danish perspective. On behalf of Baltic Development Forum and Nordic Council Helge Ørsted Pedersen and Anders Kofoed-Wiuff of Ea Energy Analyses will present two scenarios for enhanced energy cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. The scenarios focus particularly on the role of renewable energy and energy saving measures.

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