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The Baltic Sea Region Investor’s Guide 2012-2013

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Baltic Development Forum and the Baltic Sea Region Investment Promotion Agencies (“BSR IPAs”) are proud to introduce the BSR Investor’s Guide 2012-2013. This publication is an outcome of a co-operation between the Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) of countries and major cities in the Baltic Sea Region with an objective to introduce and highlight business and investment opportunities in the countries and…

Three very important and interesting reports from Baltic Development Forum

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”The Baltic Sea Region has lost export market shares but solid foreign direct investment suggests that this is a reflection of firms choosing to internationalise differently, not the result of lost competitiveness.” Christian Ketels, Principal Associate Harvard Business School and Author of the State of the Region Series, in part one of the report tells where we stand in term…

Political State of the Region Report 2011

Invitation to Presentation of Political State of the Region Report 2011 in Brussels

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For some time, recognized experts have been dealing with questions concerning the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) within a newly established think tank, prepared to give advice, and to initiate, develop and follow up political processes. The Political State of the Region Report 2011, to which 23 authors from the entire BSR have contributed, provides an overview of political and economic…

BDF Summit / EUSBSR Annual Forum 2011 Conference Report

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We have put together a summary of the activities that took place during the BDF Summit / EUSBSR Annual Forum 24-26 October in Gdansk. Although it’s impossible to give credit to all speakers and contributions made, it presents some of the made points made during the discussions and networking. Download Gdansk Conference Report

SoRR 2011 16x9 format

New BDF Reports

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Four new BDF Reports were presented at the Summit in Gdansk.  Here you can read more about their content and download the reports in pdf-format (at bottom of page). State of the Region Report 2011 “The Baltic Sea Region has come out of the first phase of the global economic and financial crisis better than most of its peers”. This…

Investment Report 2011 16x9 format

The Baltic Sea Region could attract more investments and increase export with joint efforts

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As the last years’ State of the Region reports have shown, the global share of foreign direct investments (FDI) inflows that come to the Baltic Sea Region is falling, a process that is slowly eroding the Region’s share of global inward FDI stock and increasing the challenge of marketing the Region as an attractive FDI destination in an increasingly crowded…

The Rīga Conference 2011, September 16-17

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The Rīga Conference is one of the leading foreign and security policy forums in Northern Europe for world renowned political, intellectual and business leaders to gather and debate on the most acute challenges of the current international agenda. This year the Conference will take place 16-17 September with the aim to provide another round of discussions on an international intellectual…

Baltic Sea Region could attract more investments

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The Baltic Sea Region countries could increase their export share and attract more investments through joint international efforts. Promotion of Trade and Investments in the Baltic Sea Region – A Report on opportunities for cooperation between trade and investment agencies, presents eight concrete conclusions and recommendations. Hans Skov Christensen, Vice-Chairman of BDF and former CEO of the Confederation of Danish…

Women’s entrepreneurship in the Baltic Sea Region

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Women’s entrepreneurship in the Baltic Sea Region represents an unexploited potential. Only 32 percent of the entrepreneurs are women and opportunities are wasted at a time when sustainable economic growth figures high on the agenda of all governments in Europe. In general, entrepreneurship is seen as a key driver for economic success but few coordinated initiatives are target towards women….