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A draft report on the marketing of the Baltic Sea Region and its countries and cities will be presented in connection with the BDF summit in Vilnius.

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The purpose of this draft report is to map existing organizations, networks, projects and activities that are geared towards marketing the Baltic Sea Region, or considerable parts of it. The overall objective is to promote synergy and coordination between different initiatives and organizations and to facilitate a wider discussion on the international marketing and attractiveness of the Baltic Sea Region.

The draft report has been produced as a part of BDF’s engagement in the BaltMet Promo project. It will be presented at the project’s kickoff and at the first BaltMet Promo Policy Roundtable 31 May 2010, and copies will be available at the BDF stand in the Networking Village of the Summit. Download the draft report by clicking on the image above.

The final version of the report will be published in October 2010, in connection with the second Policy Roundtable of the BaltMet Promo, following a consultation process with stakeholders active in the marketing of the Baltic Sea Region and its countries, regions and cities.

BaltMet Promo Project – Creating value for the Baltic Sea Region by attracting tourists, talents and investors

The Baltic Sea Region is a vibrant European market with 110 million consumers and a combined GDP of 400 billion Euros. The region is not yet well known on the global market as the marketing or branding of the region hasn’t been developed in a structured and systematic way.

Based on the permanent Baltic Metropoles Network (BaltMet, formed by 11 major cities in the Baltic Sea Region) and the Baltic Development Forum, the BaltMet Promo project aims to join forces in promoting the Baltic Sea Region on a global scale. The chosen fields for pilot cases are tourism, talent and foreign direct investments. The project wants to attract tourists from other continents, talents from the creative sector as well as major international investment projects into the Baltic Sea Region.

The three pilot projects will be implemented as test runs for a lasting joint promotion. Tourism service packages will be developed to catch the attention of tourists from Japan. The creative sector will focus on Japanese film makers with special services and events. Business investors will be enticed to invest in the region with the aid of an Investor’s Guide and by participating in selected international fairs. On top of this, tourism agencies, creative sector and investment promotion organizations will be trained to understand and promote the area as a viable option. All this will be accompanied by a permanent policy dialogue among key opinion leaders and decision makers from the region.

BaltMet Promo contributes to the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region by building a regional identity at the level of the wider region and by promoting trade and attracting more investments into the Baltic Sea Region.

BaltMet Promo Kick-off discusses about the opportunities and challenges in creating joint Baltic Sea Region products. The Kick-off will be organised in Vilnius May 31st parallel to the Baltic Development Forum Summit. On Tuesday June 1st at 12.30 – 13.30 there will be in the Summit Networking Village BaltMet Promo seminar: Creating a Visible and Attractive Region – Building a Baltic Sea Region Brand.

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