20 Years Anniversary of Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference, Helsinki 28–30 August 2011

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BSPC ThumbnailThe Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC) celebrates this year its 20 years anniversary during the General Assembly 28-30 August 2011 in Helsinki. The BSPC meets at the premises of the Finnish Parliament – the Eduskunta – where is also met for the first time in January 1991.

Over the years, BSPC has played an important role in re-establishing political contacts between Parliamentarians across the Baltic Sea and in driving forward a broad political debate on regional integration and cooperation issues.

The main theme of this year’s Conference is “Green Growth for a Bluer Baltic Sea”, and it will address among others the following topics:

  1. Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region
  2. Integrated Maritime Policy
  3. Civil Safety and Security
  4. Green Growth, Green Economy.

At the same time, the BSCP participants will also take a look back at the achievements of the past 20 year, and a look ahead on the upcoming challenges.

Among the speakers are: Ms Diana Wallis (Vice President of the European Parliament), Dr Werner Hoyer (State Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Germany), Ms Christina Gestrin (Chairman of the BSPC).

Baltic Development Forum Director, Hans Brask will also address the assembly on the regional cooperation opportunities in the field of Green Growth, Energy, Climate and Financing.

The current BSPC Chairman Ms Gestrin will end her term as President and her successor will be elected. Ms. Gestrin has been a very active chairman during her two years in the office.

On 30 August an important Ministerial panel discussion will also take place on “The future and competiveness of the Baltic Sea Area”. The seminar will gather representatives of BSPC, the NB 8 (Nordic and Baltic Countries) Foreign Ministers and the business and trade delegates from the region.

More information regarding the Conference you may find at: www.bspc.net and the website of the Finnish Parliament www.parliament.fi.

Text: Maciej Pilarczyk, BDF


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