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From the 23rd to the 28th September, six ONE BSR bloggers were taking part in a trip around the Baltic Sea. Together, they got the opportunity to explore three major cities of the Baltic Sea Region: Warsaw, Helsinki and Tallinn. During the trip, they were reporting live on twitter and Facebook, sharing their impressions and thoughts, exchanging ideas and getting to know each other. Soon all information will be summarized in the NewsWave Blogs, of which the Baltic Development Forum is the Editor in Chief.

According to one of the organizers of the trip, Katarzyna Tokarska from City of Warsaw, the goal is to obtain more insight about the Baltic Sea Region:

“The aim of this bloggers’ Experience BSR Trip is to learn more about the unique nature of the three Baltic metropolises – Warsaw, Helsinki and Tallinn – especially the lifestyles, cuisines, traditions and tourist attractions, as a part of the identity process building of the Baltic Sea Region.”

Hereby, the bloggers’ community has strengthened: Since February, bloggers from the whole region have been writing for the NewsWave news portal about their daily lives in the Baltic Sea Region. This trip gave them the possibility to exchange ideas, get an overview and to strengthen their common identity and knowledge of each other as well as the region.

Their experiences will be summed up in several blog entries on the NewsWave portal: What are the common features and the differences between the countries? How can this strengthen the common Baltic Sea identity? Based on these reports, new promotion strategies for the cities and whole Baltic Sea Region will be identified, the common identity will be driven forward.

Via text, photo and video they tried to capture the feelings of the region. As Tobias Koch from Kiel wrote on twitter:

“We’re here to experience!”

Bloggers’ adventures on the Experience BSR trip can be followed via Twitter with the hashtag #ONEBSR or at ONE BSR’s Facebook page. The main stories from the trip will be available later on the NewsWave Blogs.

The concept of the Experience trip is based on the Live like locals -tourism product for the Baltic Sea Region, created and developed in BaltMet Promo and continued in ONE BSR.


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