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New Project Puts a Price on Companies’ Environmental Footprint

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More companies want to understand their consumption of natural resources and their environmental and climate footprint: not just to display responsibility, but also to assure their survival. BDF is partner in a project which develops tools for companies’ natural capital accounting to meet the growing demand.   It takes a huge amount of water to produce clothes. For example, the…


Pharmaceuticals in the Baltic Sea Environment – a Project Development Workshop

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Pharmaceutical residues in the Baltic Sea are causing concern, as the full effect on the marine environment is still unknown. Human and livestock excretion of drugs and metabolites following consumption, as well as disposal of unused pharmaceuticals, are pathways to the environment. Many pharmaceutical substances cannot be effectively removed by conventional waste water treatment. The topic of hazardous substances is…


Statement of Saint Petersburg Conference on Baltic Sea environment

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The conference was held as part of the Year of the Environment in Russia and as part of Russia’s presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States in 2013. Statement of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Baltic Sea States for Environmental Protection of the Baltic Sea At the invitation of the Prime Minister of the Russian…


Russian soft power and the environment of the Baltic Sea

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Last Friday Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated and tweeted that “The Baltic States’ priority for the 21st century — the environment”. “The steady development of the Baltic region can only be ensured if environmental goals are pursued in conjunction with economic and social aims”, Medvedev continued before the opening of the High-level Conference of the Baltic Sea States on…

Water Conference 26 Nov 2012 Pictures 160

Water conference provides a breeding ground for new alliances to save the Baltic Sea

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BDF will use the preliminary results from the conference ”A cleaner Baltic Sea – investments, business opportunities and new partnerships” in the work ahead to elaborate a regional agenda and a way to re-think water. A report based on the many valuable contributions that were made by the speakers, moderators and participants during the conference will provide a breeding ground for initiating…

Pollution of the Baltic Sea – the Baltic Sea Action Summit to address the problem

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The Baltic Sea Action Summit to take place in Helsinki on 10 February 2010 invites Heads of Governments, private companies, business leaders and NGOs to contribute to the carrying out the actions needed to restore the status of the Baltic Sea. The Finnish President Tarja Halonen, Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen and the NGO Baltic Sea Action Groups are behind this…

Joint Application for Lead Role within EU Baltic Sea Strategy

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Six Baltic Sea organisations, among them BDF, have applied to the European Commission for the lead role in two projects within the upcoming EU Baltic Sea Strategy. The projects fall under the headings “Making the Baltic Sea Region an environmentally sustainable place” and “Making the Baltic Sea Region an Accessible and Attractive Region” respectively. The specific interest presented is focused…

Clean Tech Business Meeting with Swedish Minister for the Environment Andreas Carlgren

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In order to discuss the creation of a new regional business platform for clean water solutions for the Baltic Sea, Baltic Development Forum invited Swedish Minister for the Environment, Andreas Carlgren and companies in the water sector to an informal round table meeting on 16 April at BDF’s office in Copenhagen. Director Hans Brask introduced the topic by making reference…