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Energy Efficient Lighting and Housing in Kaliningrad

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An international energy project, called RENSOL, will be soon implemented in Kaliningrad oblast and it will bring improvements of what has been already initiated on the environmental front. The project’s focus is primarily on energy efficient lightning and housing. A concrete building in one of the municipalities of the Kaliningrad region as well as public lightning sites will be chosen…

BDF hosts Digital Agenda meeting with Estonian Minister Juhan Parts

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On 2 February, Baltic Development Forum (BDF) hosted an informal roundtable discussion with Juhan Parts, Estonia’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications, who, together with selected CEOs and Executives from the public and private sector, discussed the subject of digital agenda and energy. Minister Parts was in Copenhagen to participate in the informal meeting of the European Competitive Council where the…

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BDF Wins EU Project on Energy Efficiency in Kaliningrad

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Baltic Development Forum has become Lead Partner of an EU Project within the framework of the Northern Dimension Policy concerning energy and the Russian region Kaliningrad. The title of the Project is Energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in Kaliningrad Oblast. Six partners are involved: Lappeenranta University of Technology/Northern Dimension Institute, Finland, the Municipality of Oskarshamn, Sweden / Union of…

Siemens New Strategic Partner

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We are happy to announce that Siemens has joined the Baltic Development Forum Network as Strategic Partner. ”Siemens follows with interest the development of the new macro-region in the Baltic Sea Region, and we are pleased to work together with BDF in presenting new business opportunities and green solutions especially within the energy and water sectors” Jukka Pertola, Chief Executive…

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HANS BRASK: Different tones in relations with Russia

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We are witnessing an “up” in relations with Russia, writes Hans Brask in this BSR2011 Editorial. Quite exceptionally all Baltic Sea Region countries are enjoying positive relations with Russia simultaneously. However, there were also other tones to be heard at a recent Kaliningrad conference. And Russia’s plans to construct a nuclear power plant in Kaliningrad could develop into another Nord…

Nuclear power expansion in Kaliningrad: cooperation or competition?

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24-25 November the conference “Scenarios for Sustainable Energy Development of the Kaliningrad Region as an Integral part of the Baltic Sea Region” was held in Kaliningrad. This is a report from the meeting. Conference objective and main themes of discussion The objective of the conference was to continue the dialogue with Russian partners on energy planning and energy efficiency which…

Energy Conference in Kaliningrad

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Welcome to the conference “Scenarios for sustainable energy development of the Kaliningrad region as an integral part of the Baltic sea region” in Kaliningrad, Russia, 24-25 November 2010. The conference is organised by the Information Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers in Kaliningrad in cooperation with the Government of the Kaliningrad region, Baltic Development Forum and BASREC. The aim…

BDF Report on Electricity Systems in Kaliningrad

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BDF and Ea Energy Analyses present report on Scenarios for the Development of Electricity Systems in Kaliningrad and the Baltic Sea Region Closer cooperation, dialogue and joint energy planning initiatives are necessary elements, if the electricity system in the Baltic Sea Region is to develop in an economically and environmentally sustainable fashion; thus avoiding expensive, isolated solutions that are primarily…

Energy Perspectives for the Kaliningrad region as an integrated part of the Baltic Sea Region

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The draft report Sustainable Energy Scenarios – Energy perspectives for the Kaliningrad Region as an integrated part of the Baltic Sea Region will be presented at the upcoming BDF Summit in Vilnius. Together with the co-sponsors, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Information Office in Kaliningrad, Baltic Development Forum is going to present the…

Report on the Balmorel training course

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Baltic Development Forum had the pleasure of inviting energy experts from the Baltic Sea Region to a one week introductory course on “Energy Scenario Analyses with the Balmorel model”. The course was organised in cooperation with the consultancy company Ea Energy Analyses, and took place in Copenhagen, Denmark from 25th until 29th January 2010. Course Summary www. курсы английского киев…