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Kaliningrad conference

HANS BRASK: Different tones in relations with Russia

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We are witnessing an “up” in relations with Russia, writes Hans Brask in this BSR2011 Editorial. Quite exceptionally all Baltic Sea Region countries are enjoying positive relations with Russia simultaneously. However, there were also other tones to be heard at a recent Kaliningrad conference. And Russia’s plans to construct a nuclear power plant in Kaliningrad could develop into another Nord…

Baltic Sea Region Innovation Award

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The BSR Stars project and Baltic Development Forum are happy to announce the Baltic Sea Region Innovation Award and call for the entry of nominations. The aim of the award is to highlight the importance of innovation in a Baltic Sea Region context by rewarding an organisation, team, project or network that have contributed to the innovative development of the…


Danish Seminar on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

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Join our seminar on the progress of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Regionfor Danish stakeholders in Copenhagen 9 September. For the 3rd consecutive year BDF organsises a seminar on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region targeted Danish stakeholders in close cooperation with Danish Regions, the European Commission representation in Denmark, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs…

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Baltic Sea Region could attract more investments

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The Baltic Sea Region countries could increase their export share and attract more investments through joint international efforts. Promotion of Trade and Investments in the Baltic Sea Region – A Report on opportunities for cooperation between trade and investment agencies, presents eight concrete conclusions and recommendations. Hans Skov Christensen, Vice-Chairman of BDF and former CEO of the Confederation of Danish…

Taking Notes

Conference Report on Strategic and Innovative Mobility

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BDF Conference Report on Strategic and Innovative Mobility summarizes the presentations and discussions that took place at the conference “How to promote mobility for students and researchers in the Baltic Sea Region – strategic and innovative mobility” held in Copenhagen 23 November 2010. EU-Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region: Mobility Mobility is a key word in the EU strategy for…

BDF participates in Almedalen Week

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Almedalen, on the island of Gotland, is Sweden’s biggest political meeting place. BDF will participate in a session on the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy, two years later. Almedalen, on the island of Gotland in Sweden, is Sweden’s biggest political meeting place, taking place each year in the beginning of July. The week-long event has grown to include all Swedish…


Baltic Business Arena, Stockholm

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16-17 June, Baltic Development Forum participated in the first Baltic Business Arena, that was held in Stockholm. The event took place in connection with the 56th International Council for Small Business (ICSB) at the recently inagurated Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center. Baltic Business Arena was a matchmaking event for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) from the Baltic Sea Region and…

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Specialisation and Growth in the Baltic Sea Region

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Registration for this EU conference in Malmö, Sweden, has been extended to 25 March 2011. The aim of the conference is to give a shared vision of Smart Specialisation and how it can pave the way for regional development and growth. The tools and processes to achieve smart specialisation will be presented by some of the leading actors in the…

Dirk Ahner, Director General for Regional Policy, European Commission, Karin Hallerby, Head of Department of International Affairs, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, and Hans Brask, Director of Baltic Development Forum

Baltic Business Arena – a Matchmaking Opportunity in Stockholm 16-17 June

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Matchmaking for business in the Baltic Sea Region at the ICSB World Conference at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre. Expand your International network – explore new ideas and develop business- and project opportunities by participating in highly stimulating pre-booked business meetings. In the Baltic Business Arena the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) World Conference offers you the opportunity to book…