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Clean Tech Business Meeting with Swedish Minister for the Environment Andreas Carlgren

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In order to discuss the creation of a new regional business platform for clean water solutions for the Baltic Sea, Baltic Development Forum invited Swedish Minister for the Environment, Andreas Carlgren and companies in the water sector to an informal round table meeting on 16 April at BDF’s office in Copenhagen. Director Hans Brask introduced the topic by making reference…

Baltic Sea Energy Ministers strengthen Energy Cooperation

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Baltic Development Forum participated in the Baltic Sea Region Energy Cooperation (BASREC) Energy Ministers conference 17 – 18 February 2009 in Copenhagen. The representatives form the Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland, Russia, Germany and the European Commission discussed solutions for the climate, security of energy supply and the need for renewed economic growth. The discussion items on the agenda were:…

Business Meets Hanse Sail

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At the annual Hanse Sail event in Rostock, Germany, 7-9 August the local business association gathered a number of parties to discuss the future development of the Baltic Sea Region. On 8-9 August, BDF participated in Business Meets Hanse Sail in Rostock arranged by Rostock Business. Hanse Sail is one of the biggest manifestations of tallships in the Baltic Sea…

Conclusions Almedalen

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Outlining Basic Principles for the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy During the two-day seminar on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, arranged by Sida’s Baltic Sea Unit and Baltic Development Forum at the Almedalen “Political Week” in Gotland, Sweden, some 56 speakers and more than 400 participants debated the goals and practicalities of the European Strategy for the…


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The Baltic Sea Region as a Model for EU’s Future Economic Growth “A closer integrated Baltic Sea Region has since long been a goal for my generation, and now it is time to take it a step further”, said Dr Cecilia Malmström, Swedish Minister for European Affairs at the opening seminar on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region,…

Building Partnership for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Competitiveness

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BDF was one of the organizers of a Conference on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region held in Warsaw on June 3rd titled “Building Partnership for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Competitiveness”. Specially invited speakers were the Polish Ministers Piotr Serafin and Michał Boni, the Speaker of the Swedish Riksdag Mr. Per Westerberg and the CEO of Pekao SA Mr….

Joint Resolution by Baltic Sea Region Employers Organisations

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The Employers’ Organisations of the Baltic Sea Region adopted a joint resolution at their meeting in Riga 12 May. Read the joint resolution adopted at the meeting of Employers’ Organisations of the Baltic Sea Region “The Role of Employers’ Organisations in Economic Development and Global Competitiveness in the Baltic Sea Region” in Riga, Latvia, 12 May 2008. фалоимитаторы полимерные…

Northern Dimension Forum

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At the First Northern Dimension Forum, held in St. Petersburg 13-14 May, the BDF Director Hans Brask called for greater efforts to enhance the integration in the Baltic Sea Region. “Positive neighborhood effects on competitiveness and economic growth have to be earned. They do not come automatically, director Brask underlined in his message.” “It requires positive involvement and co-operation with…

Joint Energy & Climate Platform

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The Joint Energy & Climate Platform of Baltic Sea Organisations has finalised its guiding principles and goals for the ongoing co-operation in a working document. The Joint Energy and Climate Platform of Baltic Sea Region Organisations is a co-operation platform between Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation (BSSSC); Baltic Development Forum; Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS); Union of Baltic…

Joint Regional Platform on Energy

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Energy cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region is playing an increasingly important role. On 6th February Baltic Sea organisations met to discuss future coordination of their activities in the fields of Energy & Climate. The meeting took place at BDF’s premises in Copenhagen. Common Voice On 6 February nine Baltic Sea organisations endorsed the idea of joint coordination of activities…