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The 2009 edition of Baltic Development Forum’s The State of the Region Report provides essential reading for decision makers in the Baltic Sea Region.

Christian Ketels

Baltic Development Forum’s 2009 State of the Region Report Boosting the Top of Europe offers an up-to-date assessment of competitiveness and regional collaboration across the Region.

The economic realities in the Region are this year overshadowed by the impact of the global crisis. The Report tracks the way countries across the Region have been affected, and the way in which they have responded. It looks at the fundamental competitiveness of the Region to understand why the crisis hit this Region hard and what the likely dynamics are for the medium-term future.
The Report looks at how regional collaboration has fared during the crisis, documenting the activities of key regional organizations over the last year. A particular interest is the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy that has galvanized a lot of their strategic planning. Key elements of the Strategy are presented and then discussed in their ability to address the competitiveness challenges that the Baltic Sea Region is currently facing.

The State of the Region Report is used by governments, organizations, financial institutions and private actors. It offers insights into the development of the economic markets in neighbouring countries that is of great value to anyone interested in doing business in this area.

The Report will be presented by the author Dr. Christian Ketels at the Baltic Development Forum Summit in Stockholm on 5 October, 09.00h.

Key Messages of the Report

About the Report

The State of the Region Report, drawing on the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report, is prepared by Dr. Christian Ketels, Principal Associate at Harvard Business School. Over the years it has become a respected benchmarking tool regarding competitiveness, economic performance and prosperity in Northern Europe.

The State of the Region Report has been made possible through support from the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Investment Bank.


Dr Christian Ketels, Principal Associate, Harvard Business School
Phone +46-70-491 46 26, email:

Hans Brask, Director, Baltic Development Forum
Phone +45-60 21 85 81, email:
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