Speed up a Baltic Sea Region digital single market!

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DIGINNO: New project on transnational learning of digitalisation  

21 ministries, ICT business associations and knowledge institutions from 9 BSR countries are gathered in a partnership to explore how to enable faster and more efficient uptake of digital solutions both in the public and private sectors.

The project will explore how to tackle joint challenges through benchmarking, information sharing, exchange of best practice, designing and piloting transnational digital solutions and conducting an informal policy and regulatory dialogue.

Main thematic areas are:

The thematic areas will be supported by an informal network regarding policy learning aspects and implications for digital innovation policies. The policy network will facilitate informal exchange of policy related experience and best practice implementing the Digital Single Market.

The project is led by Estonia’s Ministry of Economic Affairs & Communications. The thematic work is led by the ICT associations of Estonia (ITL) and Lithuania (Infobalt). BDF is responsible for the informal digital policy network.

This is a unique opportunity to test in practice how the countries in the region can work together in digitalization” says Torben Aaberg, Head of Public & Digital Affairs at BDF. “As far as I know, this is the first time national agencies, industry and universities from the Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland and Germany join forces to explore how common digital challenges can be met by common solutions. We will identify good business cases and bring them to policy makers, to inspire joint action”.

The DIGINNO flagship project will run Oct 2017-Oct 2020. It is co-funded by the EU Interreg BSR programme and supported by Policy Area Innovation in the EU Strategy for the BSR. The project website is under construction.

Further information: Torben Aaberg, ta@bdforum.org