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Business meeting GdanskThe Summit and Annual Forum also creates a good opportunity for organisations and projects involved in regional cooperation to gather their stakeholders for side-events back to back with the conference. This year more side-events than ever before are taking place in and around the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

One of these is a roundtable meeting organised by the Swedish Institute and CBSS with a focus on CSR and SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region. In the spring of 2012 Swedish Institute and CBSS have conducted a desk-top analysis of eight BSR countries which provides recommendations on how to promote CSR practices among SME’s in these countries. At the roundtable, where CSR experts from the survey countries are participating, the results of the analysis will be presented and discussed.

Furthermore, the priority area 5 and priority area 10 under the EUSBSR, represented by the Danish Nature Agency and the Danish Energy Agency, are organising a seminar on climate change adaption, energy markets and networks of visionary sustainable cities. The seminar gathers around 70 stakeholders, mainly from cities and municipalities in the Baltic Sea Region.

Apart from these two bigger meetings a number of smaller meetings are taking place. UBC’s Commission on Business Cooperation is meeting and taking a field trip, eight national and city investment agencies are meeting to discuss ongoing cooperation, BEMIP is having their high-level group meeting and BDF Advisory Board and Digital Agenda Advisory Group are gathering.

BDF Contact Person: Ditte Folke Henriksen, dh[at]

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