Sharing Test and Demonstration Infrastructures – an opportunity for Smart Specialisation, Tampere 6 April

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As part of the project BSR Stars S3, BDF will co-organise a workshop on the 6th of April in Tampere, Finland. The event brings together Nordic and Baltic policymakers, practitioners of testbeds and business representatives to discuss the potential for transnational sharing of testbed infrastructures. In particular, the workshop will explore how small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) could benefit from access to testbeds when attempting to make new bioeconomy and digital economy products, services or processes market-ready.

There is strong evidence of the correlation between the competitiveness of technology-based SMEs and their access to testbeds. Countries and regions in the Baltic Sea Region have complementary testbed excellence. By networking these excellence areas, opportunities arise for offering SMEs specialised testbed services that in the best way suit their innovation needs.

The project BSR STARS S3, co-financed by the EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme, aims to support SMEs in gaining access to the test and demonstration infrastructures that best suit their particular needs when attempting to commercialise new products, services or processes in the digital economy as well as in the bioeconomy. In other words, BSR STARS S3 aims to provide opportunities for smart specialisation among test and demonstration infrastructures in the Baltic Sea Region.

The workshop in Tampere will present two recent mappings of test and demonstration infrastructure in respectively the bioeconomy and the digital economy. The workshop will provide key stakeholders with an opportunity to explore opportunities for actually and practically facilitating transnational access of these infrastructure for SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region.


The workshop welcomes representatives of test bed and demonstration facilities, innovation agents, business representatives, researchers and other stakeholders that want to explore the transnational opportunities in this area of innovation.

To register, contact Torben Aaberg, ta@bdforum.org


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