Riga Conference Papers 2011

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View The Riga Conference discussions on foreign and security policy issues and BDF’s Chairman Uffe Ellemann-Jensen’s article on The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

Uffe Ellemann Jensen, Foreign Minister 1982-1993, BDF Chairman Denmark

Outcome of the Riga Conference.

Before the upcoming 6th Riga Conference, which will take place on September 16-17, Latvian Transatlantic Organisation (LATO) has published a collection of original essays and articles entitled the Rīga Conference Papers 2011. The aim of the Rīga Conference Papers is to foster the public debate on foreign policy and security issues, which will be the core issues of this year’s conference. The contributors of this collection include Baltic Development Forum’s Chairman Uffe Ellemann-Jensen as well as other well renowned experts and practitioners.

Mr. Ellemann-Jensen’s article entitled The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region: High Expectations for a New European Model of Regional Co-operation answers the question of whether the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region is just another piece of paper or a real instrument to achieve positive changes. BDF Chairman’s answer to this question is clear: “I have very high expectations of the EU Strategy. The EU Strategy is a new model for regional co-operation that has a very real potential for creating positive change.”

You can read the rest of Mr. Ellemann-Jensen’s article here.

And here download the Rīga Conference Papers 2011.