As an agenda setting Baltic Sea Region think-tank, Baltic Development Forum connects expertise and researchers on current global and strategic affairs by identifgying and engaging key stakeholders, publishing the latest thinking, and facilitating region wide knowledge dissemination.

Baltic Development Forum’s State of the Region Report, written by leading researchers from Harvard Business School and Stockholm School of Economics, explores the competitiveness, economic performance and prosperity of the Region.

Since 2011, Baltic Development Forum aids the virtual think-tank Deep Water in publishing a Political State of the Region Report that analyses the current state of affairs in the Baltic Sea Region countries, identities potential political hinders and development of the Region’s wellbeing. Prof. Dr. Bernd Henningsen, Germany, is BDF’s Academic Advisor and the work is sponsored by strong international organisations.

Over the years, Baltic Development Forum’s papers and publications have covered strategic areas of importance such as competitiveness, economic performance and prosperity, political development and current affairs, women’s entrepreneurship, the digital market, investment promotion, energy sustainability and efficiency, Blue Growth, and sustainable water management.