Northern Dimension Forum

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At the First Northern Dimension Forum, held in St. Petersburg 13-14 May, the BDF Director Hans Brask called for greater efforts to enhance the integration in the Baltic Sea Region.

St. Petersburg

“Positive neighborhood effects on competitiveness and economic growth have to be earned. They do not come automatically, director Brask underlined in his message.”

“It requires positive involvement and co-operation with the neighbors on all levels and aspects”. Mr Brask also encouraged the actors in the Baltic Sea Region to engage in Public-Private-Partnerships to tackle many issues on the agenda today”.

Among the high level participants at the first Northern Dimension Forum were the Deputy Minister of Foreign Relations of the Russian Federation, Mr Alexander Grushko, as well as representatives from the Northern countries and institutions.

Issues such as mechanisms of effective cooperation and a special focus on the development of the transport sector in Russia and within the Northern Dimension is on the agenda for the two day meeting.