Northern Dimension Business Council – a new platform for dialogue with Russian business

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When regional initiatives come from Russian partners – and even from Russian business community in our region – everyone should pay attention. The new Northern Dimension Business Council (NDBC) has been established and two co-chairmen have been appointed: Mr. Tapio Kuula (CEO of Fortum) and Mr. Alexey Mordashov (CEO of Severstal). BDF welcomes strongly this new initiative.

The two co-chairmen will take the lead in organizing business communities of Northern Europe, including working groups for cooperation, negotiation and information exchange. The groups are in the process of being created and the biggest demand lies in the field of electricity, oil and gas, R&D, logistics, automotive industries, ecology and clean tech, banking and finance, healthcare and pharmaceutics, forestry, and SMEs. Other areas can also be selected in case of a clear demand.

The initiative of the DNBC was also welcomed by the Senior Government Officials of the Northern DImension when they met in Stockholm 12 November.

The NDBC aims at giving companies new networks and business opportunities as well as assistance for further development. It also gives the business communities of the Northern Dimension a clearer voice and the chance to meet public partners, governments and regional authorities.

The next preparatory steps of the Business Council are taken in February/March in St.Petersburg at the Second Northern Dimension Forum 17 February and at the Baltic Development Forum Summit in Vilnius 1-2 June. Furthermore the issue will be discussed at the Economic Forum in St.Petersburg 17-19 June. Other events and meetings to promote the initiative and broaden the network of companies participating in the NDBC are being planned.

Baltic Development Forum has supported these initiatives which were presented by Igor Yurgens (member of BDF´s advisory board) for the first time in December 2008 during the Baltic Development Forum Summit in Copenhagen/Malmö.

For more information: Mr. Antti Helanterä (East Office of Finnish Industries, a contact person on behalf of Mr. Tapio Kuula) and Mr. Slava Khodko (North-West Development and Investment Promotion Agency, a contact person on behalf of Mr. Alexey Mordashov)

You are also welcome to contact Hans Brask the Director of BDF via

More information on the Northern Dimension can be found on the European Commission website: