BDF Honorary Chairman, Uffe Ellemann-Jensen honored with the Medal of the Baltic Assembly

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Ellemann-Jensen, former chairman of BDF today was honored with the Medal of Baltic Assembly at a ceromony in Vilnius, Lithuania. The medal of the Baltic Assembly is an award of the Baltic Assembly for upholding the unity and cooperation of the Baltic States. The medals are awarded to the members of the Baltic Assembly as well as to other persons for their outstanding contribution to strengthening the unity and cooperation of the Baltic States.

Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, who unfortunately could not attend the ceremoni at the 31st Session of the Baltic Assemble, was very honored to be awarded with the Medal, that in 2012 – among others – has been given to Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson,  Simon Lunn and Valdis Dombrovskis, Prime Minister of Latvia.

Since 2002 a total amount of 266 Baltic Assembly medals have been awarded. The last medal awarding took place together with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the BalticAssembly, where three special days were dedicated to express gratitude to the representatives from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for their fevour, courage and conviction in their fight for the independence and self-determination of the Baltic countries and also for shaping the Baltic regional cooperation.

The 31st Session of the Baltic Assembly and the 18th Baltic Council focus on governmental reports tackling three topical issues: firstly, actions to ensure regulative and supervisory cooperation mechanisms of the Nordic and Baltic financial markets. The issue of integrated and stable financial markets of the Baltic and Nordic countries has been profoundly discussed in the Baltic Assembly, and common financial stability concerns stemming from the potentially systemic inter-linkages between countries have been recognized, justifying enhanced cooperation in financial crisis prevention, management and resolution.

The second topic will focus on the Baltic cooperation in developing joint external economic policy and joint investment projects emphasizing the need for more joint and coordinated approaches of the Baltic States.

Thirdly, the issue of current and future Baltic health-care projects, which was initiated by the Baltic Assembly, and stands out as a regional success story in the area of health care will be debated.

In addition to the governmental reports, the second part of the Session will focus on the topic of optimizing Baltic interests in the European Union: presidencies of the EU Council.


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