Joint Regional Platform on Energy

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Energy cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region is playing an increasingly important role. On 6th February Baltic Sea organisations met to discuss future coordination of their activities in the fields of Energy & Climate.

The meeting took place at BDF’s premises in Copenhagen.

Common Voice

On 6 February nine Baltic Sea organisations endorsed the idea of joint coordination of activities in the field of energy. The newly formed platform on energy will help the organisations to move in one common direction and avoid duplications in their activities. All organisations agreed that more knowledge exchange and cooperation is needed in order to speak with one voice when it comes to the European and global challenges in the field of energy and climate change.

The initiative of the joint platform came from BSSSC and BDF has taken the lead by hosting the second coordination meeting. BDF is also pushing for an analysis on energy cooperation in the Baltic Sea region, as very few analyses/reports exist on the regional dimension of energy challenges.