Report now available: Guide to Financing Energy Efficiency in Russia – RENSOL Experience

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Russia is the world’s fourth largest energy consuming country with energy intensity several times higher than of the developed world. This provides a huge potential for Energy Efficiency (EE) savings. Tapping into this potential requires a substantial scaling of EE projects financing. According to various estimates around 230 billion EUR are needed to reach 40% reduction of energy intensity in Russia.

The “Guide to Financing Energy Efficiency in Russia – RENSOL Experience” aims to identify best global EE financing practices with a special focus on the Baltic Sea Region experience. It’s main goal is to propose financing solutions that would not involve high upfront payments and would be aligned with the specific legal and economic specifics of Kaliningrad Oblast and North West Russia with findings being applicable more widely across Russia.

The Guide will be a key instrument in the 2 day seminar 22-23 January in Kaliningrad on the “Development of District Heating in Municipalities“, which is organized by BDF and Partners of the Rensol Project.

The guide targets local authorities and municipalities, private enterprises, research and cross-border cooperation institutions and aspires to promote and guide cross-border cooperation within the field.

Dowload the report here:

English Version – Guide to Financing Energy Efficiency in Russia – RENSOL Experience

Russian Version – Руководство по финансированию энергоэффективных проектов в России – опыт проекта RENSOL

The overall objective of the RENSOL project is to enable Kaliningrad and North West Russia – in collaboration with partners in the Baltic Sea Region to more effectively tackle climate change challenges through Energy Efficiency (EE) solutions. Baltic Development Forum is responsible for a working package on Financing models for up-scaling. The target is to identify best practice financial engineering models in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region countries and to apply these modalities in Kaliningrad. The financing models shall provide solutions to significantly accelerate opportunities for deployment of EE and RES solutions among non-state actors and local authorities in Kaliningrad Oblast and ultimately in North-West Russia.

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The project is part-financed by the European Commission