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District Heating in Municipalities | RENSOL

Energy management is still a new notion for the Russian government and development of district heating in municipalities is crucial to raise awareness of energy efficiency and possibilities of adapting best available solutions from the neighboring Baltic Sea Region countries in the Kaliningrad region.

On January 22, 66 participants gathered in Kaliningrad to discuss Development of District heating and Energy Efficiency during a seminar that was arranged in the framework of four projects:  EU project RENSOL– Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Solutions in Kaliningrad Oblast, EU project InnoHeat – Innovations in District Heating, project of Nordic Council of Ministers Information Office in Kaliningrad – Energy cooperation with North-West Russia and GEF project – Energy efficiency in buildings in North-West Russia.



In order to establish good and valuable dialog between Russian and Nordic partners, representatives from the regions of: Kaliningrad, Saint-Petersburg, Murmansk, Archangelsk, Vologda as well as countries of Finland, Sweden and Denmark were invited. The participants represented various organisations at different levels of decision making in order to analyse the current situation in Russia, identify improvement opportunities and seek for innovative, applicable examples within the countries of Baltic Sea Region. Alliances between public, private and international partners are needed to develop improvement plans following cost effective, energy efficient solutions.

The seminar was divided into 4 main themes: energy management system, innovative solutions, possibilities of applying best practice and Rensol results multiplication. Below the main outcomes from the day:

You can find the programme below (by clicking on the image).


Results Multiplication - Development of District Heating in Mulicipalities - 22 January Kaliningrad-1
See Programme for the event



The project is part-financed by the European Commission

The overall objective of the RENSOL project is to enable Kaliningrad and North West Russia – in collaboration with partners in the Baltic Sea Region to more effectively tackle climate change challenges through Energy Efficiency (EE) solutions. Baltic Development Forum is responsible for a working package on Financing models for up-scaling. The target is to identify best practice financial engineering models in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region countries and to apply these modalities in Kaliningrad. The financing models shall provide solutions to significantly accelerate opportunities for deployment of EE and RES solutions among non-state actors and local authorities in Kaliningrad Oblast and ultimately in North-West Russia.

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