Eesti Energia

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New Strategic Partner

BDF welcomes its new Strategic Partner, Eesti Energia! Eesti Energia joined the Forum recently and will contribute to the energy project of BDF. CEO Sandor Liive is among the confirmed speakers at the BDF Summit in Copenhagen-Malmö.

Eesti Energia

Eesti Energia is a state-owned company engaged in the production, sale and transmission of electric and thermal power. The main raw material for energy production – oil shale – is extracted from mines owned by the company. Eesti Energia is also involved in the construction and maintenance of energy systems.

The vision of Eesti Energia Group for 2015 is to sell energy to two million customers in the Baltic Sea Region.
The mission of Eesti Energia Group is to devote all of our energy for the good of the people.

Eesti Energia will contribute to BDF’s energy project with its substantial knowledge and experience from the Baltic Sea energy market.

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