COP 15 statement: neighbours and regions matter!

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7 December 2009
Hopefully the COP 15 Summit in Copenhagen will come very far in setting ambitious and binding targets on green house gas reductions that will have to be implemented by nations. The EU is very well prepared in turning the forthcoming targets into national implementation plans.

One aspect needs, however, to be highlighted in this context: the role of neighbours and sub-regional co-operation as an intermediate level. A report of the Baltic Development Forum (see shows that enhanced regional cooperation in terms of infrastructure development, market integration, technology and know-how transfer, full use of different energy-mix, including renewable energies, can leave each country much better of in implementing new targets for lower CO2 emissions.

The Baltic Sea Region is these years a pilot area or testing ground in many areas: EU’s integrated maritime policies and EU’s regional strategies. Also in the field of energy and climate policies, the Baltic Sea Region has many chances in becoming a pilot area with lighthouse projects. The triple problems related to energy markets, energy security and environmental sustainability can be solved through closer regional (infrastructure) integration.

This is the main statement to the COP 15 Summit by the Joint Energy and Climate Platform of Baltic Sea Region that represent different regional organisations, which are ready to facilitate deeper regional energy integration.

Read/download the Statement here