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BDF Summit ten years – Greetings from the Chairman

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On Sunday the 10th anniversary Baltic Development Forum will be opened by the Prime Minister of Denmark, Anders Fogh Rasmussen. It is symbolic that we are back where it once began, here in Copenhagen. Ten years ago, the BDF was founded to create a forum for informal exchange of ideas in order to address the challenges of the 1990’s –…

EU Baltic Sea Strategy – Public Consultations

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Governance structures in the Baltic Sea Region – a Curable Headache The question of governance and institutional capacity of the Baltic Sea Region’s organizations has become a key issue in the political debate about the future EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and implementation of its action plan. At the Baltic Development Forum 2008 Summit, this question will be…

CBSS Secretariat Anniversary

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BDF Chair’s Opening Address at CBSS Anniversary The Chairman of Baltic Development Forum, Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, gave the opening address at the CBSS Secretariat Anniversary celebrations in Stockholm 20 October. “We need to talk together in order to build positions that establish trust rather than fear. And the CBSS is one of the fora that can be used to keep the…

EU Baltic Sea Strategy – First Stakeholder Conference

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The EU Commission and the County Administrative Board of Stockholm hosted the first official Stakeholder Conference in relation to the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, in Stockholm 30 September. The Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt were one of the speakers at the conference. The stakeholder conference in Stockholm was the first official consultation process in relation to the…

BSSSC Annual Conference

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Only a strong EU will give strong regions and a prosperous Baltic Sea Region, and the coming EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region will be a useful tool, said Baltic Development Chairman Uffe Ellemann-Jensen in his dinner address at the opening of the BSSSC Annual Conference 2008 in Kaunas, Lithuania 17 September. At the BSSC – Baltic Sea States…

Formal Agreement on Fehmarn Belt Bridge

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BDF welcomes the formal agreement between the Danish Minister of Infrastructure Carina Christensen and her German counterpart Wolfgang Tiefensee on building the Fehmarn Belt bridge by 2018. – Undoubtedly, large scaled infrastructural investments like the Fehmarn Belt bridge helps the smaller economies of the Nordic Countries gaining better access to the larger European markets, thereby overcoming some of the impediments…

Conclusions Almedalen

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Outlining Basic Principles for the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy During the two-day seminar on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, arranged by Sida’s Baltic Sea Unit and Baltic Development Forum at the Almedalen “Political Week” in Gotland, Sweden, some 56 speakers and more than 400 participants debated the goals and practicalities of the European Strategy for the…

Baltic Sea Co-operation Key to Success for Northern Europe

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By making each region in Europe more competitive, Europe will become more competitive in the world, was a key message in Uffe Ellemann-Jensen’s address to the Nordic Co-operation Ministers in Copenhagen. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of a continued strong Nordic engagement in the Baltic countries and in Northwest Russia.Please find Mr. Ellemann-Jensen’s speech below (held in Danish). Østersø-samarbejdet er…

Baltic Sea Region in Europe – CBSS Seminar in Stockholm

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The Latvian Presidency in the CBSS, Council of Baltic Sea States, arranged a seminar on the topic The Baltic Sea Region in Europe. The BDF Director Hans Brask participated in the panel and presented the BDF views on how to move the Baltic Sea Region integration forward. The seminar, held in Stockholm 17 January, was co-arranged with Site, the Stockholm…

Renewed Baltic Sea Cooperation

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The Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) met in Malmö under the Swedish Chairmanship on 12-13 June at the level of foreign ministers. The Parties agreed that a reformation of the institution was needed, and that a strategy for the Baltic Sea Region should be developed to find new and effective ways for regional cooperation in a globalised world….