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Uffe Ellemann-Jensen speaking in the European Parliament

Wanted: Higher ambitions, courage, and clear goals for the Baltic Sea Region

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Honorary chairman of Baltic Development Forum, Uffe Ellemann-Jensen at an Intergroup meeting in the European Parliament March 6th called for assistance to give new impulses to the process of making the Baltic region concept survive. Said Mr. Ellemann-Jensen: “The governments have been reluctant in setting new and clear goals  that would enable benchmarking and evaluation. It is a little sad….

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Succeeding in the Baltic Sea Region is a joint European enterprise

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In BDF we realize that the success of  investing in the necessary  big cross border infrastructure projects on the Top of Europe is very much dependent on success of Europe in general. The Baltic Sea Region can do a lot on its own to become a winner region – and can in fact be proud of its achievement over the…


Branding the Baltic Sea Region – In between Global and European Trends

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The idea to build a brand for the Baltic Sea Region has been around for some time now. In this article, published in a special edition of KULTURHAUS BERLIN’s newsletter marking the 20-year celebration of the Council of Baltic Sea States, Hans Brask and Marcus Andersson discuss challenges and opportunities with regard to the branding of the region. After the…

Kaliningrad conference

HANS BRASK: Different tones in relations with Russia

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We are witnessing an “up” in relations with Russia, writes Hans Brask in this BSR2011 Editorial. Quite exceptionally all Baltic Sea Region countries are enjoying positive relations with Russia simultaneously. However, there were also other tones to be heard at a recent Kaliningrad conference. And Russia’s plans to construct a nuclear power plant in Kaliningrad could develop into another Nord…

Hans Skov Christensen

Baltic Regions: We cannot wait

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“The support and reinforcement of the EU’s growth agenda has to come from the regions in Northern Europe – like the Baltic Sea Region”, Hans Skov Christensen, vice chairman of the Baltic Development Forum (BDF), said at conference today in Szczecin, Poland. “It is obvious that a growth oriented agenda is needed”, he said. “We cannot wait until problems of…


Riga Conference Papers 2011

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View The Riga Conference discussions on foreign and security policy issues and BDF’s Chairman Uffe Ellemann-Jensen’s article on The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. Outcome of the Riga Conference. Before the upcoming 6th Riga Conference, which will take place on September 16-17, Latvian Transatlantic Organisation (LATO) has published a collection of original essays and articles entitled the Rīga…

Specialisation in the Baltic Sea Region

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Last week the first of the regional Europe 2020 conferences took place in Malmö, Sweden. The overall title of the conference was smart specialisation. The idea with these conferences is to establish a closer link between the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and the Europe 2020 growth strategy of the EU. Baltic Development Forum welcomes this initiative. First…

BDF Welcomes the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

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Today the European Commission presents its proposal for an EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. BDF warmly welcomes the Strategy that rise high expectation for a deeper integration of the Region. Chairman of Baltic Development Forum, Uffe Ellemann-Jensen states that “this EU Strategy embodies the vision for a more prosperous, competitive and cleaner Baltic Sea Region that has continuously…

The Baltic Times published an interview with Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

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The Baltic Times, an independent weekly newspaper that covers latest political, economic, business, and cultural events in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, published an interview with Uffe Ellemann-Jensen about the Baltic Region and the Baltic Development Forum’s annual summit. From his stint as Danish foreign minister in the early 1990s, to his current position as head of the Baltic Development Forum,…