Call for Nominations – BSR Innovation Award 2013

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BSR Innovation Award 2013

The Baltic Development Forum and BSR Stars are happy to announce the Baltic Sea Region Innovation Award. The aim of the award is to highlight the importance of innovation and is also a recognition of the fact that the Baltic Sea Region countries are among the most innovative economies in the world.

The award goes to a public or private organization, such as a cluster, business association or SME network within the Baltic Sea region that has proved itself to be innovative and reached across not only national borders but also crossing different fields of science and industry sectors. The winner will be announced at the BDF Summit in Riga on 29-30 May 2013.

Innovations are increasingly important as a way to reach the objectives in Europe 2020. The concept of smart specialization puts open innovations in the context of regional development in a new way. The EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) has contributed to a more strategic discussion about sustainable growth among actors in the region.

Ville Kairamo from Demola during the award ceremony for the BSR Innovation Award 2012. Photo: Hasse Ferrold

BSR Stars, a key innovation program, was initiated as a response to the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and its objective to focus on transnational and globally competitive cooperation in the Baltic Sea region on innovation, research and cluster development.

The BSR Innovation Award was founded 2011 by BSR Stars together with Baltic Development Forum, as a contribution to the innovative priority in EUSBSR. The aim of the award is to highlight the importance of exploiting the full potential of the Baltic Sea Region in research and innovation.

BSR Stars together with Baltic Development Forum invites you to nominate candidates!

The criteria for selection are


Award ceremony The winner of the award will be presented on 29th May 2013 during the gala dinner of the Baltic Development Forum Summit 2013, this year held in Riga.

Jury The jury will be appointed by BSR Stars High Level Group together with Baltic Development Forum

Prize The winner will receive an award diploma signed by the jury and 5,000 €.

Deadline for nominations 15 May 2013

Nomination procedure Please send your nomination via the nomination form found in the left column.

2012 Award to Demola

Demola was awarded the 2012 Baltic Sea Region Innovation Award for creating “a common open platform for where students and universities develop new products and services and thogether with companies create real solutions to existing problems and challenges. Demola has under the leadership of Ville Kairamo made outstanding, innovative achievements in facilitating Baltic Sea region cooperation in general and in contributing to the development of a creative open platform concept in Finland and the wider Baltic Sea region. Demola has in a proactive way taken advantage of international opportunities – early looked outwards and established cooperation with partners not at least in the Baltic Sea Region.”

Demola Website

2011 Award to German BioCon Valley

German BioCon Valley was the winner when the best innovation improver in the Baltic Sea Region was awarded for the first time 2011. BioCon Valley was awarded for its outstanding work with linking the strongest innovation milieus in the Baltic Sea Region within the field of life science and health.

BioCon Valley has among other things developed the protein rich blue sweet lupine into a “soybean of the north”. The network has also mapped competences within the field of life sciences and health in the Baltic Sea Region. The outcome is a strategically important database of actors in economy and industry (yellow pages in life sciences and health).

BioCon Valley Website
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