BDF Joins Forces with Copenhagen Climate Council

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Erik Rasmussen, Founder, Copenhagen Climate Council; CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Monday Morning

BDF and the Copenhagen Climate Council have established a cooperation agreement. The two organisations will work together on energy and climate issues in the coming two years.

Towards a Common Goal with Complementary Perspectives

One of the founding members of the Copenhagen Climate Council (CCC) is Erik Rasmussen, CEO of House of Monday Morning, a Danish think-tank, which BDF has had good cooperation with for many years. Among other things, Erik Rasmussen moderated the high-level session on energy at the BDF Summit in Tallinn last year. Based on the outcome of the session, BDF has identified energy & climate as its main regional priority.

As part of this thematic target BDF is producing a Report on Energy Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region, which will identify business opportunities for energy companies and future scenarios of the market. The Report will serve as regional input for the COP 14 and COP 15 meetings.

CCC believes that solving the global challenge of climate change will require new alliances across government, business and wider civil society – collaborations that can advance and enable a new global treaty. BDF has set similar goals only in a Baltic Sea Region context for the coming two years. As the Baltic Sea Region hosts two of the world’s most important meetings on climate (COP 14 in Poland and COP 15 in Denmark) there is a need to look at new regional ways of approaching the global challenge of climate change. This includes making the energy sector more efficient as well as inventing new environmental friendly energy sources.

CCC with its global perspective and BDF with a strong regional focus will be able to complement each other in their work substantially.

Common cooperation areas will be on: