BDF calls for more horizontal action in the revised EU-action plan for the Baltic Sea Region

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“No doubt, the revised action plan is a step forward to ensure a more effective and transparent structure, but it should be more acknowledging the horizontal efforts in the Region.  I am afraid we might lose coherence in the future if cross-border initiatives on for instance business and communication are not upgraded. The objective to create a clearly defined European Macro-region is huge and it needs special efforts,” says Hans Brask, Director of Baltic Development Forum.

On the macro-regional level BDF has actively contributed to the implementation of the Action Plan: on the BSR Branding and Identity, on promotion of trade and investments, on women´s entrepreneurship and on the digital single market. BDF is also a lead partner in the energy efficiency Rensol project in Kaliningrad which aims at integrating the Russian region in the stronger cross-border cooperation in the region. BDF has also organized cross-border matchmaking events for SME`s in Baltic Business Arena.

In the BDF comments to the first draft proposal of the updated EUSBSR Action Plan BDF suggests nominating the new news exchange and macro-regional communication website which BDF is in the process of launching as a Flagship project – under the EU co-financed ONE BSR project which is starting up this autumn.

“Since communication and information exchange has been previously defined as a key factor for success for EUSBSR, I believe that this initiative should be mentioned in the Horizontal Action plan. This project also includes branding and identity building activities,” says Hans Brask.

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