The Baltic Sea Region Investor’s Guide 2012-2013

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Baltic Development Forum and the Baltic Sea Region Investment Promotion Agencies (“BSR IPAs”) are proud to introduce the BSR Investor’s Guide 2012-2013. This publication is an outcome of a co-operation between the Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) of countries and major cities in the Baltic Sea Region with an objective to introduce and highlight business and investment opportunities in the countries and main cities of the Baltic Sea Region.

The guide was originally initiated in 2011 by the Baltic Metropoles network and produced within the BaltMet promo project. The publication was introduced to provide compact information on the economic landscape of the BSR major cities..

The 2012-2013 edition of the BSR Investor’s Guide edition is brought to you by Baltic Development Forum and the IPAs of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Sweden, City of Riga and the Greater Helsinki Region. It stresses the investment opportunities and business climate in each of the Baltic Sea Region countries but also highlights individual advantages of the presented cities and regions.

The Guide is divided into two sections. The first section introduces and describes the Baltic Sea Region and the nine partner countries with their main cities. The second section describes the Baltic Sea Region through seven key investment drivers.

We hope the Baltic Sea Region – Investor’s Guide 2012–2013 provides you with interesting and relevant basic information of the countries and cities, and gives you the incentive to invest or set up a business in one of Europe’s most promising market areas.

You can download the Guide:

through a link here

Investor’s Guide 2012-2013 (low resolution format)

Investor’s Guide 1  (high resolution format)

Investor’s Guide 2  (high resolution format, spread)


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