Baltic Sea Award 2010: Cruise Baltic promotes a more environmentally sustainable cruise industry

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The Cruise Baltic network is very grateful and proud to have received the Baltic Sea Award at the Baltic Development Forum Summit in Vilnius in June. The award was sponsored by the Danish Industry Foundation.

“The exposure and attention we have experienced as a result of receiving this honour, together with the financial contribution, has enabled us to focus on one of the Baltic Sea region’s major challenges – the environmental issues facing the cruise industry”, – says Bo Larsen, Director of Cruise Baltic, explaining how the award-money enabled the organization to take active part in the international network.

“We are actively prioritizing the environment when working closely with our Cruise Baltic partners and dealing with all the cruise lines and industry contacts. We believe strongly that collaboration, co-operation and communication are the ways forward to facing the challenges of the marine environment of the Baltic Sea as well as problems at a global level. It is essential to use every opportunity to forge closer relationships with those cruise line decision makers that are present in the Baltic Sea Region.”

Among the initiatives which Cruise Baltic has implemented for the second half of 2010 in order to broaden the dialogue are the following:

BDF Contact Person: Katarina Tafvelin,

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