Baltic Development Forum Summit 2010: Reaching new heights!

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The 12th Baltic Development Forum Summit is very pleased to come to Vilnius 1-2 June 2010 and to invite our regional network of decision-makers to a true regional “Davos”-gathering.

The BDF Summit and Baltic Sea States Summit will coincide, and BDF is very proud to be working closely together with the Lithuanian Government in making Vilnius the meeting place for all regional stakeholders in 2010.

You will have the chance to meet the 11 Heads of Government and learn their views on how to overcome the economic crisis and make the region a model for sustainable growth, green jobs, innovation and competitiveness. In June 2010, the EU will decide a new agenda for 2020. Can the Baltic Sea Region show the way forward? How does it fit in with the newly adopted EU-strategy?

The Vilnius Summit will also be the venue for knowing how to make full use of the Russian economy and the Northern Dimension framework in terms of investment, logistics, trade and business opportunities.

BDF is cooperating with the Lithuanian business community, regional business organizations, business councils, chamber of commerce and social partners in organizing a regional business platform for sustainable growth. Equally Eastern business partners in Belarus and Ukraine have been invited and can provide exceptional insights into the markets.

The exhibition and networking village will offer the best possibilities for cross-country, cross-sector and cross-level encounters, discussions and debates. Commercial banks, investment banks and international financial institutions will be part of the investors’ meetings.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

As sponsors you will have special opportunities for exclusive meetings and contacts. Mark the dates and join us reaching new heights!

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