20th anniversary of NEFCO

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BDF congratulates its member NEFCO (Nordic Environment Finance Corporation) on its 20th Anniversary today.

NEFCO 20 Years of Green Investment in the Baltic Sea Region and Beyond

The Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) is an international finance institution established in 1990 by the five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. To date, NEFCO has financed a wide range of environmental projects in Central and Eastern European countries, including Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. From its headquarters in Helsinki, NEFCO’s activities are focused on projects that achieve cost-effective environmental benefits across the region. NEFCO prioritizes projects that reduce releases of climate gases, improve the ecological status of the Baltic Sea or mitigate release of toxic pollutants.

NEFCO’s portfolio currently comprises nearly 350 small and medium-sized projects spread across different sectors, including: chemical, mineral and metals, food and engineering, agriculture, water treatment, power utilities, municipal services, waste management, nuclear remediation, environmental management and environmental equipment manufacturing.

To provide the capital necessary to support projects, NEFCO works with a series of different funding bodies. The most significant of these are the Investment Fund, the Nordic Environmental Development Fund, the Testing Ground Facility Carbon Fund (TGF), the NEFCO Carbon Fund (NeCF) and the Barents Hot Spots Facility. NEFCO also administers funds on behalf of other parties who are providing resourses to environmental projects. These include among others the European Commission and the governments of the Nordic countries.

NEFCO projects are usually run in partnership with the enterprise that ‘owns’ the project. Emphasis is placed on direct investments from, for example, public-private partnerships and corporate public services. The structure of any project supported by NEFCO needs to create reasonable equilibrium between risk and reward for all interested parties. The aim is to achieve a fair and transparent balance between the structuring of investments and their environmental return. Viewed in the context of associated risk, NEFCO aims to offer competitive terms at all times.

Through its network of partnerships, NEFCO supplements finance from other interested parties and financial institutions. NEFCO also co-operates with bilateral environmental assistance programmes.

For more information about NEFCO’s current projects and activities, please check out the NEFCO Website.

20th Anniversary Climate Investments Seminar

To celebrate its anniversary, NEFCO is arranging a seminar on climate investments in Helsinki today, with the purpose to highlight the role of business operations in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change. The seminar intended to attract NEFCO’s clients and stakeholders as well as corporate representatives from the cleantech industry in Northern Europe.

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